Post and Squadron Commanders Presented with Four Chaplains Legion of Honor

On Saturday, March 5, 2022 a ceremony was held by the West Hudson Detachment of the Marine Corps League to recognize local recipients of the Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Award. Among the recipients recognized were Post 99 Commander Keith McMillan and Squadron 99 Commander Jim Miller.

Membership in the Legion of Honor (LOH) of The Chapel of Four Chaplains is awarded based on documented acts of selfless service. Selfless service consists of deeds and actions on behalf of others irrespective of their race, ethnicity or faith. There are many folks whose everyday job responsibilities call for them to serve in a helping/caring capacity. However, the performance of their job responsibilities alone does not qualify as “selfless service”. Selfless service constitutes going the “extra mile” beyond what their job responsibilities call for to serve others.

The Legion of Honor Award is given to individuals who perform acts of selfless service in their local community.

Also recognized at the ceremony were Christopher Soldano, Mary Soldano, Manny Ventoso, William Dow, Brandi Miller, Chelsea Carlson, Rev. Donald Pitches, Morton “Marty” Reinfeld, and Gerald J. Dobbins.

See more about the ceremony held at St. Stephen’s Church in Kearny here.

Learn more about the Chapel of the Four Chaplains and the Legion of Honor at their website.

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