Founding Members

Post 99’s primary mission has always been to assist veterans. Even back in 1919, its programs involved vets’ insurance, cooperation with the Red Cross on veterans’ matters, and outreach to the community. But at the height of its activities, between the wars and with an influx of veterans after World War II, it also sponsored student essay and oratorical contests, a competitive drum and bugle corps and basketball, baseball, softball and bowling teams.

We remember those veterans who showed the foresight to establish a local Post of the American Legion in order to enhance the well-being of Kearny’s veterans, their families, our military, and our community by their devotion to mutual helpfulness

Alexander Brockway
Al Downing
Robert Downing
Roland M. Ellis
Alfred Feickert
John Hanly
Dr. John F. Hanold
Fred E. Portz
Asher I. Roberts
Charles Whitehead
Dr. Edward H. Willan
George Winne
Willis E. Wood