Post 99 To Celebrate 100 Years of Service

On November 13, 2021 the members of Post 99 will gather for a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Post’s Chartering with a gala dinner in the Post Hall.

The American Legion was chartered by congress in March of 1919 as a result of American service members in World War I organizing and attending a caucus in Paris, France. Shortly thereafter the idea of veterans organizing and establishing a local post in the Town of Kearny took hold. In a meeting held at the home of Fred E. Portz, 13 Veterans of World War I gathered to organize a local chapter of the American Legion. Post 99 began operating in 1919 under a temporary Charter, and was formally Chartered in May of 1921.

When the Legionnaires, Dignitaries, and Guests gather to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of that Charter, they will be addressed by one of Kearny’s highest ranking Veterans. The Keynote Speaker will be Brigadier General Thomas M. Feltey, Commandant of the United States Army Armor School.

2 Replies to “Post 99 To Celebrate 100 Years of Service”

  1. Jaime Felipe

    Many members were left off the invitation lists, and only informed a few days before. There has been no explanation or apology to these dues paying members.

    • Website Admin

      This event was discussed at every Post meeting for the past 7 months. Every member who attended meetings was able to put their name on the attendance list.

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